Follow-up and coordination section

Due to the multiplicity of book activities, and in order to ensure communication with its clients and answer their inquiries and overcoming any obstacles in order to provide the best service, so the administration decided to construct a follow-up and coordination section which is created with professional team in legal follow-up, administration sciences and the general relationship and its duties are: Following-up costumers and assign them to the specialized consultant to guarantee the answer to any inquiries received to the office. The permanent communication with the clients and supplies them with the latest local legal updates which the office sees their needs to them.

The legal follow-up sections

Following up claims in front of courts requires finding a specialized team in organization and following-up sessions in front of various courts and their degrees, implementing the announcements, following-up and executing demands which the judges issue, so a specialized department was provided which includes various teams, each team is concerned with follow-up actions to guarantee fast litigation, achieve the various, manifold tasks related to this activity in order to save consultants’ time and not to waste it in the administrative follow-up of the cases they are dealing with.

The legal and technical external offices

The office is in contact and cooperation with various legal and technical offices in Arab Gulf States and Arab countries and is associated with them an association which complies clients’ needs at the office which preserves their benefits and rights, therefore, the office had to cooperate with experienced offices, good reputation and efficiency in these countries to provide all the legal services to our clients with the best quality, and the office provides all legal services to our clients in these countries as preparing contracts, providing legal advice which is related to each client’s country in which these offices associated with us, also cooperation and association with offices ( architectural – accounting- technical- analytical- and others) to provide advice and facilitate all services which client needs beside the legal service.

Legal advice

Providing the effective legal advice to office costumers from companies and individuals in various branches of Law, providing the advice in both the constructive and industrial sectors, also the associated with the various commercial markets and alliance of companies and mergers with proven professionalism.

Establishing companies

Help the local, gulf and international clients to terminate procedures of establishing the commercial companies of all kinds and provide the legal advice through stages of the firm’s life cycle starting from selection and the founder arrangements, restructuring and regulate companies’ administration to fit with the special needs for different slices of investors.

Commercial agencies and their registration

Provide the legal support to clients both local and international to terminate registration procedures of all kinds of the commercial agencies and distributers and presenting them in front of relevant government agencies.

Banking and investment sector

Our office represents banks and other financial institutions in the field of commercial transactions, relationships between creditors and judicial disputes in cases of fraud, as well as lenders in financial transactions through negotiation and drafting of all kinds of financing (investment and Islamic) and provide effective advice from the legal point of view on the various implementation procedures that would Accelerating the collection of debts. Our office also provides legal expertise through an experienced work team in the event of facing bankruptcy and mortgage closing procedures.

Contract drafting sector

Providing advice and support in the formulation of joint venture contracts for multinational companies - reviewing many types of contracts, funds, investment portfolios, securities trading, securities rotation, securities trading regulations, consortium contracts and other contracts related to leasing and leasing, partner agreements, credit agreements, technical support agreements and providing advice Legal in aspects related to tender documents, completion guarantees and proper project implementation guarantees.

Mergers and Acquisitions sector

Our office has special experience in mergers and acquisitions and experience in joint ventures, alliances and businesses that are managed by families in the Arab Gulf region in terms of financial and administrative planning and management and property management work for family companies in accordance with the relevant laws in force, and we have experience in forming a business entity for families To manage its assets and companies.

The corporate and commercial restructuring sector

Our office has expert advisors providing advice in the following areas: Forming boards of directors committees in accordance with the relevant legal provisions - and giving appropriate legal advice to members of the fields of corporate management and aspects related to corporate governance rules and to shareholders and others, and we have experience in developing organizational rules for corporate restructuring as required by that of corporate governance laws and sparing companies and boards of administration for institutional errors and their consultants outstanding experience In dealing from a legal point of view in matters related to difficult debts and debt rescheduling according to the Financial Stability Law and the implementation of innovative methods in preparing settlement arrangements and preparing private contracts It out.

Development Projects Sector

We have the distinguished experience in representing companies (local, regional and international) in development projects as well as construction, operation, transfer and joint venture projects and all transactions related to privatization and companies (public and private) and provide advice to developers of projects in addition to lenders and investors and review government tenders and stakeholder investors and construction companies Operating companies and equipment suppliers, and documenting many (private / public / joint) transactions including agreements (negotiation, participation, development, and coordination rights agreements, operating agreements, and Refund and redevelopment agreements).

The commercial franchising sector

The commercial franchise contract is one of the methods that seeks to expand the circle of the commercial project, and this method is a contractual relationship between the licensee and the licenser in which the last works under the name and the brand or commercial reputation owned and associated with the first, so that the work of the licensee is separate from The project owned by the licensee, and in this contractual relationship the office has a role in providing legal support to control the contractual relationship between the parties in a manner that achieves their desired interests.

Follow-up on customer activities

The office possesses distinguished expertise in preparing policies, regulations and work systems in companies that are a translation of the company’s philosophy and its method of managing its human resources and its directives and the main purposes and principles and goals adopted by the company’s management and achieved by the company’s employees, and the office is fully aware of the detailed legal aspects of the rules and regulations Governance that aims at the sound and rational management of the company and the company's guidance systems, such as the relationship between the board of directors, the general assembly, employees, and auditors of the company or in the relationship between the company and others, such as customers and creditors for a company.